by One Gone Thus

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“Though not a ‘concept’ album in the traditional sense of the word, thematically the whole EP is a pointed exploration into the notion of impermanence and of the suffering endured via our inherent confusion regarding the true nature of all things. What we wish to convey is only what we observe. It seems as though all the world is burning and that we would rather go about our lives in quiet, naive acceptance of the flames. We want to confront, investigate, and illuminate this 'great matter' in the only way we know how; through music. This EP is merely a finger pointing to the moon; so often we become solely transfixed upon the finger, all the while ignoring the moon itself"


released June 3, 2016

All songs written, performed, and produced by One Gone Thus:

Greg Eagle - Vocals & Guitar
Ryan Sabouhi - Vocals, Guitar, & Programming

Featured Artists:

Ben Corona - Vocals, Drums, & Co-Writer (tracks 1 & 5)
Danny Hernandez - Vocals, Bass, & Co-Writer (track 5) Co-Writer (track 1)
Jazzy Gutierrez - Vocals (track 4)

Ryan Sabouhi - Engineering, Mixing, & Mastering



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One Gone Thus Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Self & Soul (feat. Ben Corona)
There is a place some men have said
Where even devils fear to tread
But captivated by the sound and scent
Most lose their way and fail instead
Enraptured by the light
While shadows dance like silhouettes
We yearn to see the world beyond
These dusted eyes and veiled lens

Then one day! When your heartbreaks!
And you find out! The hard way!

You have everything to mourn
When you have nothing left to lose
And oh how often we forget
The ones we love the most are dying too
Susceptible to suffer all the follies of a fool
We’ve crafted temples out of sand
Only to see that we were building tombs

So peer through this illusion
Let compassion be your home
Lament and pain are always there
But to suffer is optional
Our lives are all ethereal
But part of so much more
We’re all waiting to awake
Upon the sands of distant shores

A selfless soul can make you whole

Self and Soul!

Tomorrow you might wake to find
Your life was just a dream
So pull the blinds and sleep in
Track Name: A Girl Who Turned To Stone
She used to cry herself to sleep at night
And lie up wondering where things went so wrong
And she would find every smile that much harder to fake
Everyday left in doubt by the ones she loved

Alone and afraid she bore the saddest of eyes
And the makeup she wore is just a clever disguise
And although beauty's skin deep it underneath what she hides
It’s lament and despair that left their scars like a knife

What a forsaken lonely soul
She is…. Just like a gravestone grey and cold
And then… In time she'll crumble, crack, and fold
But now…. There stands a girl who turned to stone

A marble cast remains above a shallow grave
It seems the hardest part of living are the bonds we make

She used to look at herself in the mirror
To see reflecting back a ghostly hue
Merely a face without a name because nobody knew her
She was passed by everyday
'Cause they could see right through her

We still carry on and never wonder why
There stands a figurine ever eroding with time
But she was more than just another monument on display
It's like her name and epitaph were only ever bound to fade

A marble cast remains above a shallow grave
It seems the hardest part of living are the bonds we make/break
Track Name: I Disappear
Just hold your breath while I disappear
For soon enough the smoke will clear

I've got a brand new disease
Spreading contagious belief
And every night I lie to sleep
Under the Bodhi tree I dream
This world's an anchor made to drown
All of those struggling just to breathe

My mind sways like dust softly carried by the breeze
And with every breath I take I hear the calls of suffering
All the world's asleep but my awakening's complete

The one gone thus rose to speak

One day you might find that it’s so strange
Why we should toil in the dirt and blistering heat
But there are those left amongst you
Who still carry on as though half asleep
The world you know is an illusion
We'd rather slumber for it's easier to dream
But soon the smoke will clear
So hold your breath while I disappear

As lotus blossoms bloom upon the surface of a stream
I wonder will they grasp the truth in all I have to teach
For beauty lies beyond the gild and gold we strive to seek

In time you might see your conditions will change
When you feel yourself slowly slipping away
From sickness, age, and death we look away so not fear
Don't cleave to what you have be not afraid
Just hold your breath while I disappear

One day the smoke will clear
Cling not to all that’s dear
Greed, hate, delusion, fear
Watch while they disappear
Track Name: Porcelain (feat. Jazzy Gutierrez)
Just like porcelain clay
That shatters to pieces upon the floor
Every heart's made the same
With endless desire, always craving more
Though we know that nothing lasts
Like a promise bound to break
We bury the truth to keep hidden away
Just to spare ourselves the pain

Of falling apart...

Deep in dust covered shrines that once hailed the divine
Lie the statues of angels condemnably cast aside
Loved by none mere remnants of our past

We've become sickened it seems with amnestic disease
For this body's a prison; perversion of verity
Self is but a myth, "so what are you?"

Here's a clue!

'Cause from head to toe it feels
Like I'm falling apart at the seams
And there's nothing you can say to save me (save me please)
'Cause from head to toe it feels
Like I'm falling apart at the seams
Do you feel the same? When your heart is made...
Track Name: Watch Me Change (feat. Ben Corona & Danny Hernandez)
I soaked myself in gasoline with a smile upon my face
And I made my seat on a crowded street
Where men in robes prostrate and pray
One match in hand they'll see me as I set alight this pyre
A self-less act; to immolate
Now watch me as I breath in fire

Watch me as I change just wait and see what I become
Don't shed a tear for what I've done
My heart burns brighter than the sun
Take refuge in this flame, embrace the truth and know it well
That we paved the way to hell but found it in our-selves

People stopped and stared though they assumed I was insane
To horrified to close their eyes but couldn't look away
My body be consumed, I have no “self" with which to grieve
My brothers stood with sober eyes as I ignored their pleas

My heart is empty of form and my flesh is no different from yours
There’s no wisdom to seek and there’s nothing to gain
Free your minds of aversion, delusion, and hate
So let go of your fear and desire to cling
I was no-one before and soon no-thing I’ll be

With one match I'll be slowly set free
One match I'll be slowly set free

You can watch me change. Watch me change
You can watch me change, you can watch me change

I soaked myself in gasoline. With hearts of love my brothers sing